Prospect Lacrosse is a travel lacrosse club that specializes in developing and showcasing players preparing to play college lacrosse. Directed and coached by current and past college coaches, players and high school coaches. We pride ourselves on getting our players up to speed on the college game and getting them recruited to schools that fit their needs as individuals. Our goal is to make the transition into the college game as smooth as possible. This is about YOU...The Prospect. 

How do we select the tournaments we attend?

Finding the best recruiting tournaments is an ever-evolving process. Our college coaches have their finger on the pulse, allowing us to navigate the constantly changing tide of events. They are our eyes and ears when it comes to trending events. After every session we evaluate which events to bring our teams to. We look for the events most attended by college coaches, which can change from year to year.

Do you have a roster limit?

There is limited roster space on each team. Teams are extremely competitive and each player will have the ability to showcase their skills. Some programs bring large rosters to events, making it difficult to find your place on the field. Not us. Join the team and get ready to play!

Is my spot guaranteed every year?

No, players must try out every year. This keeps us competitive and forces our players to grow as individuals. While we love to keep our teams together and grow cohesiveness within a team, it is not guaranteed you will make a team one year to the next.

What is a "targeted individual showcase/prospect camp"?

Through targeted individual events, we are able to recommend that our players attend specific individual showcases or prospect days in order to guarantee they are seen by the coaching staff of a college of interest.

What if I have an emergency and cannot make an event?

Part of Prospect Lacrosse is being committed to the process. In order to keep our rosters and price point as low as possible, we must mandate all events are attended by all players. We pinpoint the events and our full team attends together. If there is an emergency situation or conflict those will be dealt with on an individual basis but no refunds for tournaments will be given. Serious injuries will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Does the club purchase game film at each event?

Yes. Game film from events is included in the club fees (where applicable). We work with film footage companies like Gametime Footage, NextPro, First Scout and many more. Each player will have access to the team's game film to create their own individual highlight reel. Individual highlight videos will be an additional cost or done by an outside entity.

Where will be practice?

Practices will be held around the Naperville area

Is playing time guaranteed?

While playing time is never guaranteed, we keep our rosters small and competitive so that everyone on the team is a valued member. We WANT to play all of our players.

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